AVR-GCC GNU C Compiler for AVR microcontroller

AVR microcontroller are 8-bit MCU's with an 24 bit linear adress space.
They use flash memory for program storage (2..256 kBytes) and RISC architecture.

Therefore they need very little power.



AVR-GCC is the open source C compiler for AVR microcontrollers.


A windows version with many addons is available here:

An uptodate windows version is available commercially:

This includes an IDE for windows.

New AVR devices

No known AVR devices missing in current avr-libc.

You can find an up-to-date list of open tasks here:

You can vote in the savannah system for fixing one of these issues.

See also: Patching_AVR_GCC

Support for mega2560/ mega2561 (devices with more then 128k flash memory)

see: ATmega2560_support

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