GUI components for real-time simulation and control

This project aims at the development of a set of reusable GUI components for networked real-time simulation and control.

They are meant to be used together with the non-GUI framework Orocos, but for very simple tasks it might be possible to build an application with these components, but without Orocos.

There is ongoing discusion about the best way, to design these components. Look at:

/ScreenShots /RoadMap

The original proposal:


Components, that are currently in development:

The components can be used for simulations with up to 100 Hz sampling rate without using OROCOS, or together with orocos for much higher sampling rates.

All components are implemented as stand-alone executables. They shall have a default screen size of 1/8 or 1/4 of a 1280x1024 screen, so that up to 8 of the small components can be used at the same time on one screen.

Configuration files are used, to define the port numbers and ip numbers of each input and output. Any number of inputs can be connected to one output.

Communication protocol


Current implementation:

Related project:

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